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We are a growing civic organization of progressive Ugandans in North Netherlands who believe that our future and the future of our children not only lies in our individual accomplishments, but our ability to cast our differences aside and pool together our massive human capital and goodwill to create the badly needed social environment where we can all thrive by giving each person a fair opportunity to serve the community.

Our first and foremost  goal is to mobilize all Ugandans living in the northern region to be part of  the cause of enabling stimulate and promote acquaintance, friendship and unity among Ugandans in North Netherlands by promoting social and cultural activities and interaction within the region.

Our goal is to have a truly democratically run, non-partisan civic organization with free and fairly elected officials who can deliver top notch decisions based on sound principles manifested in transparency and full accountability.

If you would like to be part of Ugandans in north Netherlands irrespective of your religion, gender, race, sexual orientation, nationality or ethnicity, we welcome you to join us and share your ideas with us to make this organization better.

To join UNN, Please fill the application form online here >>>>


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